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We all know that bras fit differently, but why? I’m here to support you, and during your bra fitting we’ll talk about why all the bras you’re trying are different, and which is best for you.

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BraLadyNovember 12, 2019 11:28am
High street specialists are closing their doors due to lack of sales. As niche specialists Mothercare and Mamas and Papas both had maternity and nursing bra ranges so should be able to have provided a good service to pregnant and breastfeeding women.

I remember running the first bra fitting training sessions when Mamas and Papas introduced their lingerie range about 8/9 years ago. It was fascinating seeing how the buyers of the bras weren't focused on the fit of the bra for the customer, or particularly concerned at that time about the size range they offered.

Maybe both companies have failed to listen to what customers are asking for? If they had fully trained bra fitters, (specialists in maternity and nursing bras, which you would expect but know isn't always the case), with a good size range of bras for pregnant and breastfeeding women, would that have kept people going into the stores?

Does service and specialist advice come above price and product?

All of our Bra Lady team are trained to be bra fitting specialists. Those with specialist training in maternity and nursing bras and able to offer advice, support and quality products are Bournemouth BraLady @FenlandBraLady, @CrawleyBraLady @EmmaBraLadyCambridge Preston Bra Lady

What's your view on why these specialist stores have closed?

BraLady shared a photo.November 6, 2019 6:23pm
The lovely Sarah Preston Bra Lady is out and about this month & you can meet her at this event. Bra fittings available on the night, or simply chat and book your future fitting at a time to suit you.

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BraLadyNovember 2, 2019 8:25am
"Bra styles may be different sizes" https://lttr.ai/Jjjg #brafitting #brahealth #breasthealth
BraLadyNovember 2, 2019 8:18am
Meet our lovely Crawley BraLady Charlotte 🙂

Charlotte specialises in maternity bras and nursing bras in West Sussex.

As a Mum of three gorgeous girls, including twins, Charlotte started bra fitting when she was fed up with not being able to find comfortable bras for breastfeeding and beyond for her small frame.

18 months on and Charlotte is busier than ever helping pregnant and breastfeeding women in Crawley, Horsham and surrounding areas get comfy, supported and feel fabulous during pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond.

Not sure what you need bra wise when you're pregnant? #AskBraLady Charlotte 🙂
BraLadyOctober 30, 2019 10:33am
Do you know immediately if a fabric will irritate your skin?

The breast area, and nipple area in particular, can be very sensitive. Some fabrics may annoy you and be uncomfortable, so be aware when you're buying bras how the bra feels. Check the label to see what the fabric is made up with, and get to know what makes you feel good and what doesn't.

Some of the new microfibre fabrics are fabulous for some women, but irritate others. Know what's good for you. Remember that over time this may change too, just like your breast size and shape!

This bra for example has a silver thread in it to help wounds heal more quickly. It's amazing what some fabrics will do naturally 🙂

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BraLadyOctober 27, 2019 7:29pm
As girls breasts develop you may notice that each breast grows differently - in size, in shape or both. That's perfectly normal and natural.

Growing breasts don't need the support of a bra until the weight of the breasts starts to feel uncomfortable as our bodies are designed for young developing breasts to be supported by our chest muscles.

We never advise underwired bras for developing breasts as this can cause damage to the breast tissue if you're not checking the bra and developing breasts regularly.

If you need help just ask.
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November 1, 2019 5:55am
Meet our lovely Crawley Bra Lady Charlotte. Charlotte currently specialises in maternity bras & nursing bras in West Sussex https://t.co/kgtVIX5cTw #Brafitting #BraHealth #BreastHealth https://t.co/MPLvGM1Fg8 BraLadyUK photo
October 29, 2019 5:55am
Are you aware that some fibres or fabrics irritate your skin? Your breasts can be more tender than other areas, so what your bra is made of is important. This bra for example has silver thread in the fabric to help wounds heal. That's very clever! #BraHealth #BreastHealth #bcam https://t.co/yt2g2cDwl9 BraLadyUK photo
October 26, 2019 8:55am
As girls bodies change and breasts develop don't be surprised if the bresats grow at different rates or different shapes. It's perfectly normal. Bras aren't needed until the weight of the breasts gets uncomfortable #BraHealth #BreastHealth #teenager https://t.co/U78CuRUtYg BraLadyUK photo
October 25, 2019 6:25am
"Even when you first realise you're pregnant it's worthwhile getting a comfy bra to wear as this will help you feel much better through the nausea, and often discomfort during the early weeks." https://t.co/Y17yG1iDXA #Pregnancy #Maternitybras https://t.co/8DACjjUi6f BraLadyUK photo
October 23, 2019 7:55am
Our bra fitter in Bournemouth area is the lovely Zoe @Boob_ology She offers home bra fitting service & does regular fittings at Sugar Mango & @goingforbust All styles, sizes, ages & occasions https://t.co/9UrdKdNQwI #BraHealth #AskBraLady #BreastHealth https://t.co/Qomiq65gxX BraLadyUK photo

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